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The Migraine Proposal

Migraine Barbie has Snapped!

Migraine Barbie has Snapped! (Photo credit: Deborah Leigh (Migraine Chick))

Unpredictability is a migraines worst attribute. I know my migraines are triggered by weather changes (usually worse during seasonal changes), extra spicy food, extra rich chocolate, hormone changes and bananas. Three of those I can control, I don’t eat bananas and I avoid the extra rich and extra spicy. Easy.
The kickers are the weather and hormone related migraines. I can never predict those. So, when I’m knocked out by them unexpectedly, my entire life shuts down. I can’t see because of the auras (strobe light looking streaks in my vision), I become hyper sensitive to light and sound and with the worst ones, my head feels like it’s being axed in half. In these moments I’m useless and the only remedy is medication and sleep in a dark and quiet room. Working out-of-town sometimes means getting to that solitude slowly. I have to walk squint-eyed through the light and noise of city streets and travel through a screaming transit system before arriving home. Often it’s over an over hour later.
I’m aware these days happen, but I need to manage them better and create a back-up plan. A make-up day that is free and clear of major plans so I can make up the lost time from any given migraine. I understand being more organized and tidy will make giant impacts, because on days when I’m left in bed sleeping at least the apartment will be clean and that’s one less worry for the following day.
I’m considering using Wednesday evenings as my “open” nights. If my tutoring needs last-minute cancellations or a weekend plan goes bust, then perhaps I can choose Wednesday nights to recoup the lost day. It’s just a thought and I’m not sure if it will make a difference. Maybe I’ll just have to try it and report back.

One things for sure, I need an emergency “not feeling well” kit placed in the car, in my purse and at work. In said kit I’ll have extra strength liquid Advil, a water bottle, my prescription medication, a couple of dollars to purchase a tea/coffee (caffeine helps speed up the meds), an eye mask if I can nap and a cloth (cold water on my neck and sometimes hot on my forehead alleviate the pain). I’ll set these up this week!

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I'm a newly 30's woman trying to get her life in order. I have a million goals and plans and this is my journey towards life managment. On top of all that, I'm coping with chronic migraines, sugar cravings, hormone imbalances and endometriosis. I'm here to share my experience in getting healthy, staying focused and getting organized ... all while having fun!


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