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New Website/Blog!!!

Hello Followers! I have created a new platform for my blog, with a new vision and new theme. If you’re interested in following, find me at Buddha Parfait 😀  

Quick Updates

  • 1. Toasted marshmallow lattes ... for free! 2. Coming home to an apartment that feels cozy and warm 3. Feeling refreshed and ready to work after treating my body to a much-needed day off yesterday. I'm happy I paid attention 4. Having an event to look forward to! It's exciting planning a birthday party! 5. Dan, always Dan..because he's so wonderful to love :)
  • October 24, 2012 1. Busy work days: Time passes quickly and then the day is over! 2. Tim Hortons pumpkin spice muffins :) 3. Getting into bed after a long day
  • The morning train rides this September have been filled with thoughts of change. How my life has shifted in drastic measures each time I try to discover what activity, what career, what path in life I'm supposed to take. Every cupcake ingested and every silly choice, every past relationship has been scrutinized carefully in my mind.Throughout this journey I've discovered, I cannot be angry at myself for mistakes, regrets, choices all made at a time when those things were what I wanted. I became particularly melancholy this morning when I remembered a friend who chose not to be friends anymore, I remembered being happy working at Indigo and being excited by literature, I remembered my university friends and wondered how they were, I became sad because many things and some people I've had to say goodbye to, even if I didn't want to. It's a wrap me up in a blanket, feed me some pumpkin pie with a side of tea while cuddling in the couch kind of day.          
  • I went to St. Lawrence Market today and bought three new tea blends that I'm sure will be a delightful afternoon treat. All three are black loose leaf and I bought 1. Chocolate 2. Coconut and 3. hazelnut & vanilla flavours :) Yummie!
  • I went dress shopping and bought four new dresses! I love them in this heat :)